Self Love <3

Self Love <3

  • Soy Wax used with longer burning lead-free cotton wick.
  • Rose Petals & Dried herbs, Rose Quartz, Red Crystals and Amethyst Crystal. Fresh Cinnamon sticks topped with gold glitter.
  • Scent is a Rose Oil & Vanilla. 
  • 8 oz. candle 


About this candle: 

Rose petals, Rose Quartz, Amythest are all great for healing our self-love and worth, bringing clarity to our hearts and minds, and emit strong vibrations of love. 


Rose Quartz supports emotional and relationship healing and inspires compassion. It emits strong vibrations of love and supports unconditional love. Great for healing our blockages to loving ourselves first! 


Amethyst crystal is aided for calming, healing, third-eye enhancement, and reducing stress. This stone's purpose is a protective stone that helps relieve stress and anxiety.


Red Crystal symbolizes passion, energy and life. What better crystal to have enhance loving ourself, our life and healing what is no longer serving our highest good! It will give you a boost of energy and raise your enthusiasm levels. 

  • Care Instructions & Information

    The first time you light the candle, allow it to burn until the liquid wax covers the entire top of the candle. This ensures that it will perform more evenly throughout the burning cycle. 

    Large crystals, flowers, and cinnamon sticks should be removed before burning the candle so it does not burry the wick and prevent future lighting. You may use crystals in hands or near candles when doing your new moon work.

    Please burn in a safe place and not around anything flammable or that can easily catch to the candles flame.

    Only high-grade essential oils and fragrances are used in each candle and they are made in smaller batches to ensure the scent and wax is evenly distributed throughout efficiently.

    The 8 oz. candles can expect to burn 45-50 hours. Place lid over candle to burn out and keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch after burning times when needed. 

    Candles and wicks are always lead and zinc FREE.